About Peilim

About Peilim
About Peilim
About Peilim

About Peilim

Peilim Investment Portfolio Management is one of Israel’s leading investment portfolio management companies. Founded in 1987, the company is fully owned by Bank Hapoalim. Peilim specializes in investment portfolio management for private clients, public and private companies, not-profit organizations, government agencies, local authorities, kibbutzim and others. The company manages about NIS 18.5 billion for approximately 7,000 clients and is therefore one of Israel's leaders in the field of portfolio management.

Skilled and Experienced Staff

The company’s investment portfolio management staff holds Israel Securities Authority license for managing portfolios and has extensive experience and broad know-how in working in the capital markets. Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Ronen Stein has extensive experience in the finacial world, his last position was deputy CEO of Bank Hapoalim with responsibilty over the retail division. As member of managment of the bank he was in charge of all bank's retail branches, activties of private clients and small bussinisses Hi-Tech companies and the Platinum client's unit. . The company’s CEO Avishai Karavani 25 years of experience in senior management in the investment industry.   

Objective and Independent Management

Peilim is engaged solely in investment portfolio management. This fact enables the company’s investment managers to select the best quality financial products, and manage the investment portfolio for clients in an objective and independent way. Peilim is subject, among other things, to the internal auditing of Bank Hapoalim, supervision of the Israel Securities Authority, and the Bank of Israel. Peilim also operates monitoring systems to ensure the quality of its services conform to regulations.

An Orderly and Structured Investment Decision Making Process

The company strives to implement a methodical and enlightened investment decision making process. The process begins with a monthly meeting of the board of directors to map out investment policies and strategies. The investment committee sits weekly with Avishai Karavani in attendance, as part of the application of the investment decision making process to the client’s investment portfolio. The company’s Research Department, which is headed by an accountant with more than 28 years of experience as an analyst, supports the overall investment decisions that are implemented. The department performs fundamental analysis of all securities, and the financial instruments that Peilim invests in, and provides professional opinions and recommendations based on the results of its analyses.

Client Orientation

Peilim stresses matching the services provided to clients with expectations in terms of the specific needs and risks desired by the client. This approach is expressed in the company’s vision. The central tenet of Peilim’s vision is “to be the preferred partner" in obtaining the economic goals of the client. In order to realize this vision Peilim strives to provide a package of proactive services according to the structure of the investment portfolio and the references of the client.

Professional Desks

The investment portfolio is managed by five professional desks.

Private Desk

Specializes in investment management of private clients. The desk focuses on portfolio management in direct investment in securities in Israel and worldwide. The desk manages investment portfolios worth NIS 450,000 or more, and allows clients to hold personally tailored investment portfolios, according to the level of risk chosen by the clients and in line with their financial needs.

Exchange Traded Funds Desk

The desk focuses on the management of investments through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), chosen by the clients and assisted by the development of computer models. The minimum investment in ETFs portfolios is NIS 150,000, and a level of risk in equities between 0-100% can be chosen according to the client’s preference.

Platinum Desk

Designed for clients with minimum investments of NIS 4 million or more. The Desk’s staff specialize in “exclusive tailoring" which combines overall vision with the financial attributes of the platinum client.

Global Desk

Manages international investment portfolios with $120,000 or more. The Global Desk offers an objective approach to the most advanced global products such as foreign mutual funds and ETFs. Peilim chooses the best specific products in their sector for its clients, through direct connections to bodies overseas and the global know-how of its investment managers.

Institutional Desk

Entrusted with investment portfolio management for public and private companies, not-profit organizations, government companies, local authorities, kibbutzim and more. The Desk’s staff includes senior portfolio managers, specializing in building and managing portfolios tailored to the unique needs of every company or organization. The Desk also offers solutions for foreign currency and cash flow.

Community Activities

In addition to donations, the company takes part in the activities of various charities. As part of these activities, the company’s employees volunteer in schools serving populations that lack opportunities, and teach about economics and the capital market.